Human…Machine Symbiosis
Decentralized AI
Edge Multilingual Data
Mining anytime, anywhere by submitting language corpora in over5000languages
Connecting with user's mobile devices to build
a distributed AI network
HITL Support Global Recording Network
Enabling real-time voice translation in over 100 languages through natural language interaction
Return Data Ownership to everyone with MetaLife and SOLID Protocol
Edge Computing and LLM Inference on Device
The World’s First Web3.0 AI Agent
Privacy-preserving AI Agent
Corpus mining
DePIN network
Natural language interaction
Safeguards user data privacy,
offering personalized AI services to users.
To Get 50000h Pre-training Voice Datasets:
Only needs
Monetize Your Speech And Words
AI x DePIN SupportSpeak to Earn/Train
No Barrier to Access for All
Anytime with Any Professions.Speak to Earn/Train
Web3.0 Translation platform
454 languages crowdsourced translation and proofreading of text, video, and audio completed by DAO
A three-tier translation quality assessment and assurance mechanism
High-quality corpus data interconnection and interoperability